Below you can check out some examples of works carried out by Electromar Ginesta.

Installation of a solar cell charging system 

The usage of renewable energies in recreational boats awards the boat with enhanced energy autonomy. In the image below you may see the installation of a solar charging system using the bracket of the boat's canopy. The use of the canopy as a bracket reduces the elements required of the installation while leading to a gentle result.

Instalación de placas solares por Electromar Ginesta
Instalación placas solares en velero por Electromar Ginesta

Replacement of electric wiring in a mast

Electromar Ginesta replaces electrical wiring, communication wiring systems and instrumentation wiring systems. For us, it's capital to have a good electrical connection and a good humidity isolation to be safe when experiencing bad weather. In some cases, some elements belonging to our boats can be long periods of time without experiencing any kind of maintenance operation. 

In the images below, you can check some of the elements replaced in the mast. In particular, Electromar Ginesta replaced the lighting, the antenna, the brackets, and the wiring in a mast with more than 35 years of service.

Sustitución de cableado y sistema de iluminación por Electromar Ginesta
Sustitución antena en mástil por Electromar Ginesta

Refurbishing of a navigation system 

In the pilothouse of our sailboats, the location and the arrangement of the equipment, the consoles, and the accessories is crucial for easing the control of the boat when sailing.

In the images below, you can see some images of a navigation console before and after refurbishing the equipment. As you can see, the refurbished system has an improved lighting system.

Installation of an anchoring system

No matter what size your boat has, it's alway crucial to have a safe anchoring system appropiately dimensioned for the size of your boat. del tamaño de la embarcación, es primordial tener un equipo de fondeo seguro y dimensionado a la eslora de la embaración.

Below you can see some images of the installation of an anchoring system in a boat having an overall length of 6 meters.