Based in  Port Ginesta, Barcelona, Electromar Ginesta has been providing marine services for sport and recreational boating for more than 40 years. Among others, our services include providing technical support to our clients with their installed equipment, advising which products meet our clients' needs, and performing maintenance operations on our customers' boats (both at the dry dock or at the boat mooring).

The experience gained throughout the years allows us to deliver high-quality works to meet the expectations of our clients. 

Since the beginning, Electromar Ginesta has been collaborating with shipyards and other professionals belonging to the boating section, both in Port Ginesta and other ports located in Barcelona's region. Since some of the tasks being performed on a boat may overlap, we prioritize delivering our high-quality works in time to avoid delays in other tasks being carried out.

In Electromar Ginesta we work with a wide range of different brands and we are authorized dealers for some of the top brands. Below you can see some examples of the brands installed by our company. In addition, aiming to keep track of the last trends in our market, our employees periodically attend technical training sessions for specific equipment, workshops, and maritime trade shows. 

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As explained above, Electromar Ginesta is specialized in the installation of electric and electronic equipment. Among other functions, we optimize the wiring organization in our installations, we get rid of any unnecessary equipment, and we simplify the electric network to meet all the requirements for powering all the installed equipment.

Furthermore, we repair, fix, and refit equipment already installed in the boats. Among others, Electromar Ginesta repairs electric WC systems, refrigerators, air conditioning systems, bilge pumps, level alarm systems, autopilot systems, positioning systems...

Nonetheless, we also install renewable energy systems, lighting systems, and water treatment systems.

To summarize, our main disciplines are:

Electricity on board

Installation of battery chargers, charging systems, electrical winches, maneuvering propellers, charging control systems, among others

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Renewable energies

Installation of solar battery chargers, solar energy collectors, systems based on wind turbines, among others


Installation of instrumentation equipment, onboard energy control systems, positioning systems, multifunction screens with AIS systems, among others


Installation of bow propellers, refrigerator systems, maneuvering propellers including level alarms, radio VHF systems, AC systems, water treatment systems, indoor lighting systems, navigation lighting, fresh and salt water systems, among others.

Below you can see how the installation was before our work and how the installation ended up. Click on the arrows over each of the images to see the final results.

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Electromar Ginesta is authorized dealer for the following brands


Electromar Ginesta is located in Port Ginesta, Barcelona. However, we work in any port located within the Barcelona metropolitan area.  


You can contact us on-site in our Port Ginesta's office, calling the phone number +34 649 343 114, sending an email to portgi.felipe@gmail.com, or sending us a message via Whatsapp.

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